Online Exhibition & Print Sale

Jessie Paige Rowe, Julia Vandenoever, Stephanie A. Lindsey, & Katie Harwood

March 13 - April 9 @bigbadbettiepress

Home Connection spices-up the fleeting Instagram Takeover and transforms incredible work into something that lasts.

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This exhibition also included a handmade print set that was only available for purchase during the exhibition. The exhibition was a great success, however, we were not able to generate enough sales to put the print set into production.  You can read the details of the exhibition, artists, and print set below.

The limited edition handmade Print Set is $75 and includes:

  • 4, 5.5” x 7.5”, unbound archival inkjet prints printed on fine art photographic paper and signed by each artist (1 print from each artist)
  • A title card including exhibition and artist information printed on acid free paper
  • A list of co-publishers printed on acid free paper
  • A folded poster of the entire online exhibition
  • Edition size: 40, numbered

ONLY available during the exhibition.

Note: 20 pre-sales must be reached during the exhibition. If reached, the Print Set goes into production and will be shipped to our co-publishers within 2-3 months after the close of the exhibition.  If not reached, no Print Set will be made.

Artist Bio’s & Instagram handles

Jessie Paige Rowe @jessiepaigestudio

Julia Vandenoever @juliavandenoever

Stephanie A Lindsey @sal_artstudio

Katie Harwood @katieharwood

Image details:

Lucy. Peek-A-Boo. 1-10-17, 2017, Jessie Paige Rowe. Archival Pigment Print.  4.5" x 4.5" image on 5.5" x 7.5" paper. Printed on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Satin, 310 gsm 100% Cotton, white, satin-finish. Signed.

Tissue 20, Julia Vandenover. Archival Pigment Print.  4.5" x 5.5" image on 5.5" x 7.5" paper.  Printed on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Satin, 310 gsm 100% Cotton, white, satin-finish. Signed.

Untited, Stephanie A. Lindsey. Archival Pigment Print.  4.5" x 5.5" image on 5.5" x 7.5" paper.  Printed on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Satin, 310 gsm 100% Cotton, white, satin-finish. Signed.

Green Chair, Katie Harwood.  Archival Pigment Print.  4.5" x 5.5" image on 5.5" x 7.5" paper.  Printed on Canson Satin Baryta 310 gsm, Pure White. Signed.

Home Connection features the new work of Colorado photographers Jessie Paige Rowe, Julia Vandenoever, Stephanie A. Lindsey, and Katie Harwood.  

These four female artists access ideas of place, loss, and identity in their work and scratch at the surface of their individual connections to home.  Home Connection unfolds in a unique format -- It utilizes our Instagram feed @bigbadbettiepress and allows each artist to temporarily take it over to share their photographic series.  The exhibition then migrates from the screen to the printed page transforming into a collectable handmade Print Set, which includes one signed print from each artist.  

In the spirit of this commitment to creativity and tangible objects, Home Connection is as much a new kind of online exhibition as it is a fun way for people to support photography they love.  The limited edition collectable Print Set is available for pre-sale only during the exhibition.  

People who pre-order help to unlock the Print Sets production and become “co-publishers”.  Their names will appear in print and forever be part of the collectable.

During the online exhibition, @bigbadbettiepress Instagram followers will be introduced to new photographs every day.  

Launching the take over with her own daily act of picture making is Jessie Paige Rowe. Paige Rowe explores the day-to-day life of her two young daughters and has compiled an incredible collection that echoes the complexities and wonders of childhood.  Julia Vandenoever delicately uncovers an unusual inheritance, her mothers used tissues, and through her grieving process imagines the untold stories hidden in the folds of each tissue.

Stephanie A Lindsey contemplates the psychological and domestic space she faced after a loss and weaves a subtle yet complex narrative together that focuses on issues of place, family and race in American society.  Katie Harwood investigates her relationship with her childhood home focusing on an annual spring cleaning event that Harwood describes as a “ritual purging”, finding links between her personal family history and the “annual airing of dirty laundry.”

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