RABBIT RABBIT  Issue #01, Transition

ISBN 978-0-9975592-0-0

104 pages, perfect bound, softcover

5.5 x 8.5 inches

Edition of 500

Published May 2016

Rabbit Rabbit is an annual curated journal of emerging artists and innovators. The first issue themed Transition brings together recent graduates in a variety of mediums and fields, each of them in the midst of navigating their own transition from the boundaries of graduate school to the murky lines of the “real world”. Conceived as a "portable exhibition", Rabbit Rabbit boasts a luxurious cover, compact size, high-quality printing, and unique design that interweaves imagery, essays, exclusive interviews, and even a guided tour.



People Are Talking...


Contributing Artists and Innovators

Mika Aono, Nathalie Brilliant, Rachelle Bussières, Joanne Easton, Marshall Elliott, Camden Hardy, Elise Kirk, Natalie Krick, Victoria Maidhof, Takako Matoba, Aram Muksian, Anh-Thuy Nguyen, Michelle Ott, Özlem Ayse Özgür, Megan Reed, T. Rios, Anna Rose, Ileana Tejada, Dr. Marcy Willard, Dr. Cori Wong, and Raheleh Minoosh Zomorrodinia.

RR01 Team

Co-Curator & Designer, Katie Harwood | Co-Curator & Creative Queen B, Stephanie A Lindsey | Producer Extraordinaire, Stacy Bebiè-Laiderman | Creative Advisor, Cait Molloy Advisor of Words, Liz SmithGraphics Advisor, Charli OrnettInterviews, Megan Ross | Cover Image, Rachelle Bussières

What's "rabbit rabbit"?

The phrase “rabbit rabbit” is a superstition spoken on the first day of each month for good luck.  The history of the phrase is vague and dotted as many superstitions are, but to us, it represents clean slates and new beginnings. 

Sit down. Relax. And enjoy Rabbit Rabbit, a collection of essays, artwork and interviews that brings meaning to change.
— ALOC Media