Happy Mother's Day to all the bad ass mama's!

Happy Mother's Day to all the bad ass mama's!

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Big Bad Bettie Press is rooted in the value of the tangible and believes that artists and innovators need to be part of the batter, not just the icing.  We make books, art objects, and promote ideas that are bold, brassy, and creative.  Rabbit Rabbit is one of those ideas.


Rabbit Rabbit is for anyone who loves stories.  
The first issue is perfect for anyone in transition, especially a recent graduate.  

It features an impressive line up of 21 recent graduates in a variety of artistic and innovative fields.  There are artworks, images, essays, a poem, even a guided tour!  All carefully curated together in a portable printed journal designed to be shared and experienced anywhere.


Big Bad Bettie, circa 1970 something


Happy Mother's Day!

At Big Bad Bettie Press we are all about power house women and bad ass chicks.  Big Bad Bettie was a bold, brassy, & creative lady.  She's our inspiration for this new imprint.  She was also the grandmother of our Founder & Navigator, Katie Harwood.

Several contributors to RR 01 TRANSITION are hard working mama's who have recently graduated. 

Often pulling double duties in pursuit of their graduate degrees or PhDs, they are also play-date chauffeurs, booger wipers, cereal makers with exactly the right amount of milk, and so much more. 


We love them &
the work they are doing.

Please consider supporting them and Rabbit Rabbit journal.  

Please share this with the bad ass mamas in your life and pass this along to your friends.  RR makes a great artsy add-on gift to the beautiful flowers you already got for mom.

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